What Makes A Great Manager is your guide to management and supervision.  We provide you with the answers perform your job, anticipate the challenges you'll face, and to become a great manager.  

"An employee may join Disney or GE or Time Warner because she is lured by their generous benefits package and their reputation for valuing employees.  But it is her relationship with her immediate manager that will determine how long she stays and how productive she is while she is there. . . . from the employee's perspective , managers trump companies."   First, Break All The Rules.  

Follow up with 12: The Elements of Great Managing.  Authors Rodd Wagner and James K. Harter weave the latest Gallup insights with recent discoveries in the fields of neuroscience, game theory, psychology, sociology, and economics. Written for managers and employees of companies large and small, 12 explains what every company needs to know about creating and sustaining employee

Management & Supervision Answers

"You're In Charge - Now What?"  35% fail of new managers within the first 18 months according to a survey of human resource managers by Right Management Consultants.  Advice and resources for new supervisors and managers.

How do I?  The Supervision Solution takes a supervisory situation and provides you with a step-by-step solution.  

How should I prioritize my work?

Click here for all "How do I?" answers.

What do I say?  The number one quality that employers look for in new hires is communications skills (both verbal and written).  

What do I say when I give a direct order?

Click here for all "What do I say?" answers.

Supervision Library     

Solve any problem and accelerate your career.  MORE

Management and supervision guides by industry - Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Law Enforcement, Non-Profit, Security, Social Work, Spiritual 

Guides for the new supervisor      

Management Tools - Free    

Download or review now, save time and effort, and eliminate mistakes.     MORE

Managers and the Law

Do the right thing.  Learn what studies have found regarding doctors that have been sued and use it to be a successful manager.  Blink, The Power of Thinking without Thinking 

Manage within the law - Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), Fair Labor Standards Act (FSLA), The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).     MORE

What does a Supervisor do?   

When to discipline; How to discipline; Dealing with insubordination; Balanced scorecard  

Managing your team; Project management; Take charge quickly in your new supervisory job; Keys to leadership success.   

Setting goals; Separate the goal from the mission; How to set priorities      

Why should an interview be difficult and challenging; Interview questions to hire staff; What is the ideal span of control; How to tell if an interview candidate is lying; Illegal interview questions; Delegation and your "open door policy"; How you should allocate your time among staff     

Omnipotent CEO?                              

CEOs are usually perceived to be all-knowing, well informed, well served and highly privileged leaders.  The truth is far, far different.....    MORE

Supervision Tool - Effective Business Writing        

TimeSaver Training is the perfect answer to staff training.  Try a free training module today!     MORE

Management Focus - New Employees

Have a new employee?  Don't make the mistakes that managers and supervisors most frequently make with new employees.     MORE

Management Training and Development

Do you provide management or supervision training and development?  Exchange links with What Makes A Great Manager.     MORE



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