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How Do I?

How do I motivate my staff to work as a team?

What we do as the supervisor is as important as what we say.  Communicate your expectation that your employees work as a team every opportunity you have.  Reinforce your expectation by holding team meetings, establishing team goals, rewarding team success and holding the team accountable.  When employees stray from the team goals and working together as a team, bring their focus back by dealing with issues as soon as they arise.  You may also want to utilize the assistance of your in-house trainers for team building exercises. 

How do I motivate my employees?

What motivates your employees?

·      Know your employees.  Sit down and listen to what they have to say.  You’ll find that some employees are focused on money while other employees may be looking for flexible work schedules. 

·      Establish and communicate expectations and goals.

·      Define and communicate the role of each employee.  Tailor your discussion to the individual employee emphasizing the factors that motivate that particular employee.

·      Monitor your employees’ progress.  Schedule formal periodic meetings to listen to your employees’ and to provide feedback.  Reflect on your own career.  Chances are your interests and motivation changed as your career progressed.  Periodic follow-up is vital.  

Participation leads to ownership.  Ownership leads to motivation.  Employees who participate in determining the work processes become involved.  Involvement results in pride and ownership. 

I inherited a work group with poor morale.  How do I improve their morale?

Poor morale is typically a symptom of a problem.  Identify the problem.  Listen to your work group, their customers, people who they interact with.  You’ll start to form a picture of the problem.  Sit down with your work group and share what you’ve heard and observed.  Develop a plan to attack the problem and as appropriate involve your work team by soliciting their ideas.  

Develop goal(s), a plan, identify roles and responsibilities, and communicate them to the work group.  Track your progress and have periodic meetings with the work group.  Celebrate victories.  Learn from setbacks.  

What Do I Say?

How do I give a direct order?

A direct order or directive provides the basis for discipline if an employee chooses not to comply with directions from the supervisor or manager.  If you ask an employee to perform an action, the employee is refusing your request.  If you direct an employee to perform an action, the employee is being insubordinate.

A direct order should be similar to:

"This is a direct order.  You are hereby directed to (action).   If you do not comply with this direct order, you may be disciplined for insubordination." 



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