How Do I?
Management and Supervision Answers

Problem Savers

  1. 13 Fatal Errors Managers Make and How You Can Avoid Them, W. Steven Brown, 1995
  2. 101 Biggest Mistakes Managers Make, Clay Carr, 1997
    Highlights mistakes in not having clear objectives; being defensive to criticism; showing favoritism; creating a trusting atmosphere; delegating the wrong job; inadequate networking; dealing with performance; and managing one's own career
  3. The Supervisor's Portable Answer Book, George T. Fuller, 1989
    Proven answers to the problems you'll face on the job in a Q and A format.  Answers to problems in  motivation, communications, performance and office politics.


  1. My employee called in sick a few days ago.  We haven't heard from her and when we called her the  line is busy.  What should I do?

  2. How do I schedule my employees during the holidays?

  3. How should I prioritize my work?



  1. How do I delegate?


  1. How many questions should I ask in an interview?

  2. How do I ask the right job interview questions?

  3. How do you know if the interview candidate is lying? 

  4. How do I tell an applicant that they didn't get the job?

New Employees

  1. How do I start a new employee off?

  2. How do I get my employee up to speed on his/her responsibilities?


  1. How many staff should report directly to me? 



  1. How do I apply discipline?

  2. How do I apply the correct discipline?

  3. When do I give a direct order?

  4. How do I document a discipline?

Employee Performance

  1. Your employee has been assigned to clean the area around his work area on a daily basis.  The employee has failed to clean the area for two days and the area is a safety hazard. 

  2. While you are away from the office, two of your employees engage in an altercation.  The details are unclear, but the situation is clearly escalating as each employee takes advantage of every opportunity to chide the other.  What should I do?

  3. I inherited an older employee who can't seem to keep up.  How do I discipline the employee?

  4. What will you do if your most reliable employee starts to constantly report for work late?



  1. How do I communicate policy or rules?

  2. How do I create trust in the workplace?

  3. How do I communicate bad news to an employee?


  1. I inherited a work group with poor morale.  How do I improve their morale?


  1. How do I motivate my staff to work as a team?

  2. How do I motivate my employees?



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