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Matt DeLuca served as a senior Human Resources executive for a number of major firms including the Bank of Tokyo and Titan Sports.  He has provided recruitment and other human resources consultation services to the software, telecommunications and television industry.  He’s an adjunct professor at New York University’s Marketing and Management Institute. Currently Matt is a principle in the Management Resource Group, a human resource training and consulting firm with major clients in entertainment, banking and finance industries.  Find out more about Matt and the Management Resource Group at

The biggest mistakes that supervisors make with new employees are:

  1. During selection don't have the final candidate meet with his/her colleagues.

  2. Day one make the employee wait in HR or worse in the department.

  3. Assume that the new employee knows how to answer the phone and how to use it.

  4. Assume that the new employee has no vacation plans.

  5. Assume that the new employee: knows where the restroom is.

  6. Assume that the new employee does not want to meet the other employees.

  7. Assume that the new employee knows how to fill out the time sheet.

  8. Assume that the new employee knows when payday is.

  9. Assume that the new employee knows what he/she is to do.

  10. Assume that the new employee knows how he/she will be evaluated.

  11. Knows what to do about breaks, lunch, who to call if there will be a delayed arrival or a need to be absent.

  12. Knows what your organization does and his/her role in it.

Start right by insuring that you and your new employee cover the points above.



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