Management IQ by Industry

Expertise and knowledge in any field requires education and hard work.  Education may come in the form of in-house training or degree programs.  Often the fastest path to education is by reading.  Below are books on supervision specific to industries or professions.

Law Enforcement 
Social Work 


  1. Mentoring and Supervision For Teacher Development, Alan Reiman, 1997

  2. The Principalship: A Reflective Practice Perspective, 4th ed,  Thomas J. Sergiovanni, 2000

  3. SuperVision and Instructional Leadership: A Developmental Approach, Sixth Edition, Carl D. Glickman, 2003

  4. Supervision That Improves Teaching: Strategies and Techniques,  Susan Sullivan, 1999

  5. Supportive Supervision: Becoming a Teacher of Teachers, Albert J. Coppola, 2004

  6. Teacher Supervision and Evaluation: Theory into Practice (Wiley/Jossey-Bass Education), James Nolan, 2003


  1. Laboratory Management: Principles and Processes, Denise Harmening, 2002

  2. Management Skills for the New Health Care Supervisor, William Umiker, 1998

  3. Managerial and Supervisory Principles for Physical Therapists Larry J. Nosse, 1998

  4. Medical Laboratory Management and Supervision: Operations, Review, and Study Guide, Lionel A. Varnadoe, 1996

  5. Supervision: A Pharmacy Perspective, Jeannette Y. Wick, 2003

  6. Supervision in the Helping Professions: Individual, Group and Organizational Approach, Peter Hawkins, 2002


  1. Management by Menu, Lendal H. Kotschevar, 2001

  2. Supervision in the Hospitality Industry, Jack E. Miller, 2002

  3. The World of Culinary Supervision, Training, and Management (2nd Edition), Noel C. Cullen, 1999

Law Enforcement

  1. Elements of Police Supervision (Glencoe Criminal Justice Series), William B. Melnicoe, 1997

  2. Management and Supervision in Law Enforcement (with InfoTrac), Wayne W. Bennett, 2003

  3. Police Supervision and Management: In An Era of Community Policing, Second Edition, Kenneth J. Peak, 2003

  4. Supervising Police Personnel: The Fifteen Responsibilities, Paul M., Ph.D. Whisenand

  5. Supervision of Police Personnel ( 6th Ed), Marvin Iannone, 2000

  6. Supervision of Police Personnel HLC Study Guide (2001 Ed), Larry Holtz, 2001 


  1. What We Learned (the Hard Way) about Supervising Volunteers (Collective Wisdom Series), Jarene Frances Lee, 1998


  1. Security Supervision, Sandi J. Davies, 1998

Social Work

  1. Handbook of Clinical Social Work Supervision, Carlton E. Ph D Munson, 2001

  2. Managing Human Resources in the Human Services: Supervisory Challenges, Felice Davidson Perlmutter, 2002

  3. Supervision in Social Work, Alfred Kadushin, 2002


  1. Experiencing Ministry Supervision: A Field-Based Approach, William T. Pyle, 1995

  2. Looking into the Well: Supervision of Spiritual Directors, Maureen Conroy, 1995


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