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Expertise and knowledge in any field requires education and hard work.  Education may come in the form of in-house training or degree programs.  Often the fastest path to education is by reading.  Below are a number of selected readings that have either been recommended, reviewed or used in our own work.





  1. 13 Fatal Errors Managers Make and How You Can Avoid Them
    W. Steven Brown, 1995, 

  2. 101 Biggest Mistakes Managers Make, Clay Carr, 1997
    Highlights mistakes in not having clear objectives; being defensive to criticism; showing favoritism; creating a trusting atmosphere; delegating the wrong job; inadequate networking; dealing with performance; and managing one's own career
  3. The Supervisor's Portable Answer Book, George T. Fuller, 1989
    Proven answers to the problems you'll face on the job in a Q and A format.  Answers to problems in  motivation, communications, performance and office politics.
  4. Dealing with Difficult People, (Essential Managers Series), Christina Osborne, 2002
    Key techniques, skills, and methods for dealing with difficult people. 

  5. The Manager's Question and Answer Book, Florence M. Stone, 2003
    Answers to over 100 common questions including how to manage conflict, effective recruiting, managing employee performance,  dealing with politics, and more.

  6. Supervisor's Script Book, Raymond Dreyfack, 1996
    Word-for-word responses you can use to successfully deal with conflict, gain support for your initiatives, and stop potentially problem situations.

  7. Why Employees Don't Do What They're Supposed To Do and What To Do About It, Ferdinand F. Fournies, 1999 
    A practical approach to employee performance issues.


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