New Supervisor

Top tips for new supervisors:

  1. Be yourself.  People can see through someone who is trying to be someone that they're not.

Leadership and being yourself
From Fast Company and Marcus Buckingham on the importance of being authentic and the message that you send

  1. It's easier to start off strict and ease off than to start off easy and then become stricter.

  2. Respect is earned, not given.

  3. Communicate, communicate, communicate.

  4. Establish expectations.

  5. Don't rush to make changes.

  6. Words and actions can never be taken back.

  7. Don't get caught up in your ego and the perks of the job.


  1. First Time Supervisors Survival Guide, George T. Fuller, 1994
    New supervisors learn how to: establish authority and gain worker co-operation; work with other supervisors; delegate effectively and follow up on assignments; and deal with job performance issues and disciplining workers. 

  2. Just Promoted!: How to Survive and Thrive in Your First 12 Months as a Manager, Edward, H. Betof, 1992
    Prepare yourself for the challenges of your first year as a manager.  Learn how to start off right with your staff, communicate effectively and avoid the potential pitfalls for new managers. 

  3. The First 90 Days: Critical Success Strategies for New Leaders at All Levels,  Michael Watkins, 2003
    Start right!  Practical steps managers can take to get on top of things including checklists, planning exercises and detailed guidelines on how to have conversations with your staff and your boss.

  4. The New Supervisor: Stepping up with Confidence (A Crisp Fifty-Minute Book), Elwood N. Chapman, 2002
    Guide to delegating, prioritizing, and coaching.  Learn how to remain positive under stress, transmit a winning attitude, set discipline lines, and communicate effectively.

  5. The New Supervisor's Survival Manual, William A. Salmon, 1998
    Develop key skills in establishing and maintaining high performance standards, communicating effectively at all levels of the organization, setting clear priorities, delegating and giving feedback to others, analyzing and resolving problems.

  6. The New Supervisor: How to Thrive in Your First Year As a Manager, Martin M. Broadwell, 1998
    Your guide to the essentials of effective management - delegation, problem-solving, motivation, time management, communication, and performance appraisal. 


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