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Management Bookshelf

  1. 13 Fatal Errors Managers Make and How You Can Avoid Them, W. Steven Brown, 1995
  2. 101 Biggest Mistakes Managers Make, Clay Carr, 1997
    Highlights mistakes in not having clear objectives; being defensive to criticism; showing favoritism; creating a trusting atmosphere; delegating the wrong job; inadequate networking; dealing with performance; and managing one's own career
  3. The Supervisor's Portable Answer Book, George T. Fuller, 1989
    Proven answers to the problems you'll face on the job in a Q and A format.  Answers to problems in  motivation, communications, performance and office politics.


How do I?

Each month we take a situation, break it down, and provide suggested solutions.  Click here for all "How do I" answers.  This month's situation:

How should I prioritize my work?

Here's a generic sequence:

  1. Legal and regulatory requirements where the consequences would include civil or criminal penalties (for example OSHA, DOT or EPA)

  2. Who the work is for (the CFO versus a department head)

  3. What your supervisor/manager says

  4. Due dates 

  5. What can you complete versus doing piecemeal.  

Tailor the checklist for your profession.  As a supervisor you have the added dimension of delegation.  Delegation requires that you look at the progression within the context of who has been assigned to perform the work and their availability.

What do I say?

Each month we take a communication situation, break it down, and provide suggested solutions.  Click here for all "What do I say" answers.  This month's situation:

A direct order or directive provides the basis for discipline if an employee chooses not to comply with directions from the supervisor or manager.  If you ask an employee to perform an action, the employee is refusing your request.  If you direct an employee to perform an action, the employee is being insubordinate.

A direct order should be similar to:

"This is a direct order.  You are hereby directed to (action).   If you do not comply with this direct order, you may be disciplined for insubordination." 



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