What Do I Say?
Management and Supervision Answers

Management Bookshelf

  1. 101 Sample Write-Ups for Documenting Employee Performance Problems, Paul Falcone, 1998
    101 disciplinary write-ups at your fingertips (Microsoft Word format) - escape the headaches, anxiety, and potential legal trouble of performance review or counseling sessions. 

  2. Effective Phrases for Performance Appraisals: A Guide to Successful Evaluations, James E. Neal, 2003
    Over 2000 phrases you can use to clearly describe job performance.

  3. How To Say It, Rosalie Maggio, 2002
    Lists of what to say, and sometimes more importantly, what not to say when writing business or personal letters.

  4. How to Say It At Work: Putting Yourself Across with Power Words, Phrases, Body Language, and Communication Secrets, Jack Griffin, 1998
    Words, phrases and body language for dealing with key individuals (supervisor, peer, subordinate, client, vendor, or lender).

  5. Interviewer's Guide, job-interview.net, 2005
    Interview quickly and easily with over 500 skills and abilities questions plus over 300 behavioral questions.  Save time - use the tough questions to select the best candidate and the bonus interview evaluation form to rate your candidates.

  6. Perfect Phrases for Performance Reviews : Hundreds of Ready-to-Use Phrases That Describe Your Employees' Performance, Douglas Max, 2002
    Simplify performance reviews with this comprehensive collection of phrases that you can use to describe employee performance, provide directions for improvement, and more.

  7. Performance Appraisal Phrase Book: The Best Words, Phrases, and Techniques for Performance Reviews, Corey Sandler, 2003




  1. I'm reorganizing my staff and will have one group that previously reported to a direct report now report directly to me.  Any tips on how to word the official announcement while minimizing the uproar?
  2. During a staff meeting, one of my staff asked why our team is staffing a function and why another team isn't sharing the load.  What do I say?


  1. How do I give a direct order?


  1. What should I say when I want to establish or reinforce a policy or rule?



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