15 Raffle Game Ideas To Raise Funds (2024)

Raffles are a fun and easy way to raise money for your cause. They involve selling tickets for a chance to win prizes, making them exciting for everyone involved.

This type of fundraiser can be adapted for any event, from small community gatherings to large school functions. In this blog, we will explore 15 raffle game ideas that can help improve your fundraising efforts.

Each idea is designed to engage participants, increase ticket sales, and maximize the funds raised for your project or organization. Let’s find out some exciting raffle games that are sure to make your next fundraiser a success!

Classic Raffle Games

1. 50/50 Raffle

In a 50/50 Raffle, everyone who wants to participate buys a ticket. At the end of the raffle, one ticket is picked as the winner.

The exciting part is that the winner gets half of all the money collected from selling the tickets. The other half goes to your cause. This raffle game is perfect for fundraising because it's simple, and the prize, which is getting half the money, is very appealing.

People are often more willing to buy tickets when they know they might win a big cash prize.

2. Balloon Pop

Balloon Pop is a fun and colorful raffle game where you fill balloons with little prizes or notes that say what the prize is.

People buy a balloon and pop it to find out what they’ve won. It can be really exciting, especially for kids, because everyone loves surprises. The mystery of what’s inside each balloon makes people more eager to participate.

You make money by selling each balloon for a small amount, and all the funds collected help support your fundraising goal.

3. Mystery Box

Mystery Box is a game where you sell boxes that have hidden prizes inside. No one knows what’s in each box until they buy one and open it.

Prizes can range from small toys or candies to more valuable items, depending on what you decide to put in them. This raffle game is great for fundraising because the mystery and excitement of discovering what’s inside can encourage more people to buy a box.

You can raise funds through the sale of these mystery boxes, and it's a simple and effective way to gather support for your cause.

Creative Twists on Traditional Raffles

4. Wall of Wine

The Wall of Wine raffle is a great way to raise money, especially at events where adults are present.

In this game, each ticket gives the buyer a chance to win a bottle of wine from a selection displayed on a wall. You can include a variety of wines to make it more interesting. This idea works well because many adults enjoy wine, and the chance to win a special bottle can encourage them to buy more tickets.

The funds come from selling the raffle tickets, and you can raise more money by having a wide range of wines, from everyday varieties to premium bottles.

5. Golden Ticket

The Golden Ticket raffle is perfect for attracting a lot of attention and encouraging people to participate.

In this raffle, each ticket bought gives a chance to win a high-value prize, such as a travel package or an exclusive experience. This type of prize makes the tickets more desirable and can significantly increase ticket sales.

It’s a great fundraising idea because the promise of a big, exciting reward can lead to more ticket purchases, increasing the funds raised for your cause.

6. Jar Reveal

Jar Reveal is a simple and fun raffle game suitable for all ages. Each jar contains a hidden prize, and participants buy a ticket to choose a jar and discover what’s inside.

You can fill the jars with a variety of items, from toys and candies to gift cards. The mystery of what each jar holds makes it exciting and encourages participants to try their luck.

The money collected from selling the tickets to choose a jar goes towards your fundraising efforts.

Themed Raffle Ideas

7. Holiday-Themed Raffles

Holiday-Themed Raffles are perfect for getting into the festive spirit of a particular holiday, like Christmas or Halloween.

You can offer prizes that match the holiday theme, such as decorations, themed baskets, or tickets to holiday events. It can draw a lot of interest because it fits with the excitement and spirit of the season.

Selling tickets for holiday-themed prizes is a fun way for families to engage with their community while raising money. People are often more generous during holidays, which can increase the funds raised.

8. Sports Raffles

Sports Raffles focus on items that sports fans love, like memorabilia from popular teams or tickets to big games. You could also include experiences like meet-and-greets with athletes or signed merchandise.

This raffle game is great for fundraising because sports fans are passionate and often willing to purchase tickets for a chance to win something unique related to their favorite team or sport.

The enthusiasm can lead to more ticket sales, increasing the amount of money raised for your cause.

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9. Art Raffle

An Art Raffle involves collecting artwork from local artists and raffling it off. Your nonprofit can raise money and support local artists by showcasing their work with this idea.

You can include a variety of art pieces, from paintings and sculptures to handmade crafts. Art lovers get the opportunity to win unique artworks, while others may be drawn to the idea of supporting both a cause and local artists.

Online Raffle Strategies

10. Virtual 50/50

Running a 50/50 raffle online opens up participation to a much wider audience beyond local attendees.

Participants buy tickets through a website or an app, and one winner gets half of the total pot collected while the other half goes to your cause.

Basically, the idea is the same as the classic 50/50. The only difference is that you host it online rather than physically. The ease of online entry can lead to more ticket sales, significantly increasing the funds you can raise.

11. Social Media Raffles

Using platforms like Facebook or Instagram to conduct raffles can greatly increase visibility and engagement.

You can post pictures of the prizes and share updates to keep excitement high. This method allows you to reach a larger and more diverse audience. It also encourages more people to buy tickets and raise money effectively.

12. Email Raffles

Email raffles are a great way to directly reach people who have already shown interest in your organization by signing up for your mailing list.

Offering exclusive raffle opportunities through emails makes participants feel special, which can encourage more ticket purchases.

This raffle game idea uses existing connections to maximize support for your fundraising efforts.

Community-Focused Raffles

13. Local Business Basket

Create prize baskets featuring items from local businesses to both support the community and raise funds.

By including gifts like restaurant vouchers, spa treatments, or local crafts, you encourage community businesses while offering attractive prizes.

Remember, people are often enthusiastic about supporting local entrepreneurs, which can increase ticket sales and raise more money for your cause.

14. Service Raffle

Offer services as prizes in your raffle, such as a day of landscaping, a professional photography session, or a gourmet dinner cooked at home. Prizes like these often attract interest because they provide real value and convenience.

Raffling services can be especially successful in drawing tickets from people interested.

15. Charity Collaboration Raffle

Team up with other charities for a raffle to expand the range of prizes and the potential audience.

Collaborations can include bigger or more varied prizes, such as vacation packages or concert tickets.

By joining forces, you can draw from a larger pool of supporters and potentially raise more funds as each participating charity shares the event with its followers.

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15 Raffle Game Ideas To Raise Funds (2024)
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