25 Unique Office Raffle Ideas for Work Fundraisers and Events (2024)

Here is our list of the best office raffle ideas.

Office raffle ideas are suggestions for items offered as prizes in a workplace raffle. Office raffles are fundraising events in which employees buy tickets to win prizes. These events raise money for charities, coworkers in need, or special events. Having exciting prizes can encourage employees to buy more tickets for more chances to win. For example, hot air balloon rides, resort stays, and event tickets make enticing office raffle ideas. These items inspire bidders to contribute to a worthwhile cause.

Raffles are a type of workplace competition and can be a virtual fundraiseror team charity event. Raffle prizes can be similar to corporate gifts and conference giveaways.

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Away we go!

List of Office Raffle Ideas

Creative work raffle ideas focus on prizes that can help bring in money for a worthwhile cause. From sporting events to sky diving experiences, these office raffle ideas will help make your raffle a smashing success.

1. Hot Air Balloon Ride

The peaceful sensation of riding in a hot air balloon is an unforgettable experience many folks will enjoy. When you include a certificate for a hot air balloon ride for two among your raffle prizes, your contributors have the chance to see the world from a new perspective. Many hot air balloon ride packages include a champagne toast at the end of the ride. For the romantic attendees in the crowd, there are a few prizes more special.

2. Sports Suite

If your company has access to a deluxe sports suite or box seats at a local venue, then you can offer these experiences as a raffle prize. You can choose a date and time and create a photographic display for the raffle that shows the view from the suite or box to give contributors a sense of what they might win. Any catering or dining experiences with suites or up-front seats will make the prize even more attractive. Die-hard sports fans will clamor for a chance to win an exciting time taking in the game in high style.

3. Event Tickets

A pair of tickets to an arena performance by a world-class live act or the touring company of a Broadway show can be a big draw for an office raffle party. If your city has a robust event scene, then you can pair a box office gift card with a schedule of upcoming attractions that lets the winner choose their event. You can also include two tickets in a package with a certificate for drinks or dessert at a local restaurant afterward to complete the evening.

4. Executive Parking Spot

An executive parking spot for a week can draw attention to the office raffle. The cost for a parking spot is nothing, which saves on the prize budget. The fun of being able to park among the higher-ups can tempt large contributions and start a spirited competition among employees. For a visual impact, the prize can come with a printed sign for the rear windshield or a rearview mirror hang tag for the winner’s car that calls their special status as Executive’s Guest for the week.

5. Resort Stays

As luxury office raffle prizes go, stays at a plush resort make an appealing raffle idea for people who love to get away. Whether the prize includes a quick trip for the weekend or a longer vacation in an exotic locale, a resort stay is bound to be an attention-getter. There are weekend specials and staycation offers that let families get in on the fun. You can select a deluxe suite at a well-known hotel or a gift card or certificate that enables the winner to choose their own experience to add a touch of luxury to the prize list.

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6. Artwork

Art lovers will appreciate the chance to win a piece of art to add to their personal collection. A painting, small sculpture, or print from a fine artist makes a striking display for the raffle table and can draw great attention. Because tastes can vary when it comes to art, you can opt for a commission from a local artist as a prize instead. The winner will be able to choose the content of the piece themselves, making for a more meaningful prize.

7. BBQ Basket

A BBQ basket will appeal to the grill masters in the crowd. With a collection of premium utensils, a stylish apron, and a certificate for superior steaks, you have a raffle prize that meat lovers will crave. You can also create a BBQ basket that includes a selection of cookbooks, gourmet sauces, and exotic rubs to get backyard chefs thinking in a new direction. To make the prize more interactive, add a certificate for a grilling lesson from a local culinary school or an online instructor.

8. Wine Subscription

Your raffle can tempt the wine lovers in the office with a subscription for fine wines delivered monthly. You can find services that offer subscriptions in timeframes ranging from a few months to an entire year. Depending on the type of wines the winner likes, they may be able to select the varietals or opt for a grab bag subscription that exposes them to new favorites. If there’s a well-known vineyard or a popular wine bar in your area, then you can inquire about the possibility of subscription services to shine the spotlight on a local business.

9. Skydiving Excursion

Thrill-seekers will jump at the chance to win a skydiving excursion. A certificate for a traditional skydive lets the lucky winner cross something special off their bucket list or repeat an experience they havebeen dying to try again. For the less adventuresome contributors at the raffle, indoor skydiving outlets bring the danger down a few notches without sacrificing the exhilaration. Both experiences come with training sessions to prepare daredevils for their rides. There are companies that offer both options, with certificates that allow the winner to choose whichever experience they prefer.

10. Signed Memorabilia

Signed sports and celebrity memorabilia is a big draw at office raffles. Autographed photos, jerseys, and equipment are often the centerpiece of a workplace raffle. Memorabilia shops offer a variety of pieces that will look spectacular on your raffle table. There are also online dealers you can work with if you cannot find something suitable in your area. If your company has contact with a celebrity or a popular athlete, then you can ask about the possibility of a signed piece or two to give the prize a personal connection.

11. Music or Dance Lessons

You can help contributors explore their creative side by offering office raffle prizes like music or dance lessons. Local studios in your area may offer packages that include specific types of dancing, such as Latin, hip hop, and ballroom. Piano, guitar, and other instrument lessons are also available if you favor a musical prize. There are also teachers who offer online dance and music lessons for students who are more comfortable learning from home. The winner might discover a hidden talent!

12. Craft Liquor Basket

Baskets or decorative crates filled with fine craft liquors make exciting raffle ideas for adults with a taste for artisan beverages. You can check around town for local distilleries and brew houses to find intriguing bottles for the collection. A certificate for tastings or mixology lessons will give the winner a chance to learn more about their favorite drinks. A book of co*cktail recipes and a few bartending tools will round out the basket.

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13. Family Activity Pack

Office party raffle ideas like family activity packs keep employees’ loved ones in mind and often become prizes that attract attention. For attendees with children, a selection of passes for different local activities makes an attractive family pack prize. With various options to choose from around your area, you can assemble a few packs to cover experiences for various age levels. Whether the package includes tickets to the zoo, a day at a waterpark, or a trip to a local amusem*nt park, the prospect of winning fun stuff to do with the kids is sure to draw excited competitors.

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14. Pet Items

Pet lovers adore showering their pets with cool swag. A collection of useful grooming and care items, fun toys, and even a cozy pet bed or cat tree can lure attendees to the table to place their tickets. For a more upscale pet-oriented prize, try offering a stay at a pet spa for frequent travelers to give their fur babies a special treat, or a certificate for a high-end pet groomer who can give fluffy folks a whole new look.

15. Photography Session

Winning a photography session from a local photographer will give the winner a chance to freshen up their family photos or capture a notable occasion on film. You can find a photographer who offers both in-studio and on-location shoots and choose the option that fits your prize budget. If the gift certificate is for an amount rather than a type of session, then the winner can use it for a graduation, an anniversary, or a special occasion of their choosing.

16. Evening On The Town

Romance is in the cards for the lucky winner of an evening on the town! This package can include a limo ride, dinner at a high-end restaurant, and tickets to a must-see theater show. You can also choose a theme for the package and plan the experience around specific locations. For example, a Night of Classic Glamour centered around co*cktail bars and modern speakeasies, or a Latin Spectacular that takes the winner to a Brazilian steakhouse for dinner and a cantina for salsa dancing and tequila drinks afterward.

17. Comedy Club Package

No funny workplace raffle prizes could be quite as uproarious as tickets to a comedy club. You can package tickets to an event, a certificate for dinner at the club or another popular restaurant, and an Uber gift card for safe transport to and from the event. If there are no comedy clubs in your area, then you can research theater schedules to find comedians on tour and include tickets to an upcoming show instead. Contributors are apt to give generously for the chance to win a prize that helps them see the humorous side of life!

18. Custom Cakes

Cakes made to order sometimes cost in the hundreds, making a certificate for a custom cake a coveted raffle prize. With a certificate representing a dollar amount or a particular type of cake as the prize, the winner will be able to provide a centerpiece for a special celebration without breaking the bank. You can package the certificate with photographs or a printed display of the cakes available to give the prize a complete display. The local bakery or cake artist you enlist for this prize will gain some exposure, a nice bonus for the community.

19. Dream Car Driving Experience

Driving your dream car at top speed is a thrilling opportunity, the kind of adventure that driving lessons and a few laps at a racetrack can provide. Adrenaline junkies will clamor for the chance to win a session with professional drivers who can show them how to handle the curves. Some tracks even allow drivers to ride without an instructor for the final experience. With packages ranging from affordable to luxury-priced, you can decide whether the option will be a modest offering or a premium prize.

20. Yoga Retreat

Lucky winners can surrender to the flow with a yoga retreat raffle prize. The retreat can be an outing that requires travel or a trip to a local spa within easy reach. Many yoga studios offer weekend retreats that allow relaxation and rejuvenation, though longer trips might be a more tempting prize. Whichever you offer, including details such as “travel required” in the description will keep attendees aware of any extra considerations.

Here is a guide to team building yoga.

21. Dinner Cruise

Dining on the water at sunset will be a sure winner with the romantics at a raffle. Dinner cruise companies provide scheduled events, including dinner, drinks, and dessert. You can also find brunch cruises, sightseeing tours, and live entertainment onboard. If you opt for a certificate or a gift card for a cruise instead of a dinner package, then the winner can select the excursion that suits them best.

22. Home Entertainment System

A big-ticket item like a home entertainment system can draw considerable attention from raffle participants. Even a small or medium-sized smart TV packaged with a soundbar and subwoofer for exciting home cinema enjoyment will make a premium prize. A streaming device like a Roku stick paired with a smaller TV for a bedroom or a dorm room and a Netflix or Hulu gift certificate makes a great alternative prize package if your raffle budget is modest.

23. Private Chef Dinner Experience

The services of a private chef is a raffle prize foodies will be unable to pass up. Winners will get to choose the menu and schedule an evening for a professional gourmet chef to prepare a stunning meal. The prize can cover dinner for two or a dinner party for a larger group. Prizes for groups can entice raffle-goers to pool their money to win a bigger prize. Local culinary schools sometimes offer private chef experiences; you can check with local colleges and organize a prize.

24. Home Security System

You can help your attendees secure their properties with a home security system prize package that includes a video doorbell and external security cameras. Many wireless security systems on the market are easy to hook up and operate. If your prize budget allows, then you can include a certificate for installation from a local tech guru to entice raffle-goers who might not be handy enough for a DIY install. Some models may require a small monthly subscription for security service, so include those details in the prize description.

25. Housecleaning or Landscaping Services

Life can become a little easier for the lucky winner of housekeeping or landscaping services. You can find a local service to price their options and buy a three-month, six-month, or year-long subscription. This raffle prize will help the winner by freeing up their home time and will also help a small business in the community. After the prize subscription is complete, the winner may even find it worth the expense to continue the service.


The best office raffle ideas are things that make people as excited to contribute as they are to win the big prizes. If your raffle is fundraising in support of a particular cause, then make the cause known throughout the event. With various creative office raffle ideas that appeal to different groups, you can help make your event an even greater success. The prizes will be fun to win, and the organization your raffle is supporting will benefit from everyone’s contributions.

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FAQ: Office Raffle Ideas

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about office raffle ideas.

What are office raffles?

Office raffles are competitions where participants buy tickets to win prizes. The goal is often to raise money for a charitable cause or help a coworker in need.

How do you run a workplace raffle?

When planning the event, coordinate a time and place for your raffle and create a list of prizes to buy or solicit for donation if your raffle includes contributed prizes. You can buy blank raffle tickets and enlist teammates to help with sales and drawings. If your raffle is a live event held in the office, you can arrange tables to display the prizes for raffle-goers. Being able to see the prizes available can be a big draw.

What are some good prizes for office raffles?

In-person experiences like driving dream cars, tickets to concerts and sporting events, gourmet food and drinks, and high-ticket electronics are all good prizes for office raffles. Having raffle prizes that appeal to a range of tastes and interests can help drive ticket sales. Including office raffle basket ideas with BBQ or craft liquor themes can help you scale your options to suit a more modest prize budget.

25 Unique Office Raffle Ideas for Work Fundraisers and Events (2024)
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