Frequently asked questions (2024)

  • Is there an application fee?

    Effective August 3, 2023, all fees for Wayne State University applications administered through the Graduate School are eliminated for all academic terms beginning with the winter 2024 semester. Please note this does not apply to Wayne State University programs administered outside the Graduate School such as J.D., M.D., and Pharm.D. programs. Refunds are not issued for any fees paid before August 3, 2023.

  • I haven't graduated with my bachelor's yet. Do I have to wait until my degree is posted to apply to graduate school?

    No.Simply have your institution submit a transcript containing the most current record to support your application. Once your degree is posted, you must have an official final transcript with degree statement sent to Wayne State.

    You should not apply for a graduate school term thatbegins before you expect to receive your bachelor's degree. You will be required to provide proof of your bachelor's degree during your first term of graduate enrollment. Failure to do so could result in discontinuation of enrollment.

  • Can I upload unofficial (my personal copy) transcripts to my application?

    To expedite the processing, review, and decision of your graduate application, you may upload unofficial (personal copy) transcripts to your application. If admitted, you must request to have official transcripts sent to the Office of Graduate Admissions for each institution. Official transcripts can be sent electronically via email to Our school code is 1898. If your sending institution is not able to send an official transcript electronically, it can be mailed to:

    Wayne State University
    Office of Graduate Admissions
    5057 Woodward Ave., Suite 6000
    Detroit, MI 48202

  • I have an open application but would like to defer it for a different semester. Is that possible?

    Because applications are specific to the initial program and term selected, you must submit a new application reflecting the program and term for which you currently would like to be considered. Any previously submitted documents will be transferred to your new application.

  • I want to apply for financial aid, scholarships or a graduate teaching/research assistantship. Should I send my application to the Office of Graduate Admissions?

    No. Any applications for support should be submitted to the program to which you are applyingor, if indicated, the department listed on the form. Submitting these requests to the Office of Graduate Admissions can cause a costly delay.

  • I submitted an application. How do I log in to check my status or add documents to my application?

    Your onlineapplication statuspage will display where you are in the application process.On this page, you may submit required documents, answer questions, and view the information you need to know about your application and admission decision.

  • I was admitted to a program, but I’m unable to attend. May I defer my admission?

    Students may be granted deferred admission for up to one year following the original term of application. Students seeking deferred admission must contact their department chair or graduate program director and make a request to defer the admission for either one term or one year. Students may only request a deferral for the same program to which they originally applied.

    If granted, the admission deferral is valid for up to 12 months. Students seeking deferred admission must reapply for any scholarships, financial aid, graduate assistantships, or other opportunities that were offered for the original admission.

    Consideration of deferral beyond one year requires submission of a new application, application fee, and required documentation.

  • Do I need to submit anything other than the application and transcripts?

    Many departments have additional requirements beyond those of the Office of Graduate Admissions, such as GRE, letters of recommendation and a statement of purpose.These requirements will be listed on the graduate application for admission. You can submit any required materials through that application.

  • How can I find my access ID and six-digit student ID?

    Both your access ID and student ID can be found near the top of your application status page, above and to the right of your name.

  • What types of transcripts are official?

    Official transcripts are those issued directly by your previous institution. They usually include a school imprint, seal, or original signature and stamp of the registrar or senior school official.Electronic transcripts will be accepted if they are delivered securely from the registrar of the issuing institution directly to the Office of Graduate Admissions.

    Transcripts cannot be transmitted via the applicant. They must be sent by the institution to Wayne State University and cannot read "issued to student."

  • I only took one course from a community college and it shows up on my university transcript. Can I just have my university transcript sent to Wayne State?

    Although the university requires only the bachelor's degree transcript for an admission decision, some academic programs require transcripts from all postsecondary schools you haveattended. Be sure to check with your academic program if you have any questions regarding requirements.

  • Do I need to submit my application again after opening it?

    The Office of Graduate Admissions will make your application available to the program for review after it has satisfied the minimum university requirements; you are not required to formally indicate your application is complete.As such, there is no "submit" button.

  • How do I know when my application is complete?

    Your application is considered complete once you have submitted all documents to satisfyboth theuniversity's minimum requirements and your program's specific requirements. Information about our program'srequirements can be foundonthe program's website. It is the responsibility of the applicant to make sure the required materials are uploaded before the deadline.

  • When will I know the admission decision on my application/what are my chances of being admitted?

    Many factors are involved in the admission decision process. The different colleges at Wayne State University work hard to make sure they both give applicants a fair chance at admittanceand admit those who are well-suited to each program. After making sure your application is complete, you cancontactyourprogramof interestfor information about their decision process.Because the admission process requires time and care, we thank you for being patient while waiting for a decision.

  • How do I make sure my documents get attached to my application?

    You can upload the required materials directly to your application via your application status page. This page can be accessed by visiting and logging in with the credentials provided to you when you first applied. You are not required to mail the Office of Graduate Admissions any of your documents unless specifically requested to do so.

    Please note, the process of receiving, processing and uploading mailed documents takes time. When your documents are received and processed, you will automatically receive an email notification that documents have been uploaded to your application. Document processing times range from two to seven business days.

  • Can I make an appointment to speak with an advisor?

    The best way to contact us is by email However, if you wish to speak with someone in person,you may call the Office of Graduate Admissions at 313-577-4723. You may also visit our officeduringour regular business hours; no appointment is necessary.A staff memberwill be available to assist you with any generalinquiries regarding the application process.

    Please note, you will need to contactyour program of interestto make an appointment with their advising staff if you have questions related toprogram-specific admissionsrequirements, deadlinesor thedecision process.

  • What code should I use to send my official transcripts, English proficiency test results, GRE or GMAT scores?


  • How do I reapply?

    Submit a new application for the term and program of your choice. If your first application is less than 1 year old, we will use any official documents you submitted with that application to process your new application. If you reapply to a new program, there may be additional admission requirements to fulfill.

  • Frequently asked questions (2024)


    Are questions more important than answers? ›

    Asking questions is important because it helps in a better understanding of the topic being discussed. It allows for a deeper exploration of the subject and encourages critical thinking.

    How do you answer FAQ questions? ›

    How To Handle FAQs Effectively
    1. Keep the structure logical, clear, and simple.
    2. Make sure the answers are straightforward and concise.
    3. For detailed explanations, provide a link to a guide or article.
    4. Regularly update questions and answers with new information.
    5. Organize questions into categories.
    6. Provide a search bar.

    Do you ask enough questions or do you stay with what you know? ›

    I go off of what I know. If what I know is not good enough, I'm going to ask questions until it helps what I already know! I ask questions because I like to know as much as I can so I don't have to wonder later. If I don't know or if I'm unsure of something, I ask questions.

    Why do I always ask questions I know the answer to? ›

    By asking a question they already know the answer to, they can receive confirmation that they are correct and feel more confident in their knowledge. Another reason why people may ask questions they already know the answer to is to test the knowledge or honesty of the person they are asking.

    Who said questions are more important than answers? ›

    Einstein once said: “If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on the answer, I would spend the first 55 minutes figuring out the proper questions to ask. For if I knew the proper questions, I could solve the problem in less than 5 minutes.”

    Is asking too many questions controlling? ›

    Asking Questions Instead of Listening

    Being the only one asking the questions is a known tactic for asserting authority and keeping control. Being made to answer questions, rather than share your thoughts, makes sense if you are in a police line-up.

    What is the rule of 20 questions? ›

    The premise of the game is simple: One person, called the “answerer,” thinks of an object. The other player — the “questioner” — asks up to 20 yes-or-no questions in order to determine what object the answerer is thinking about. If the questioner guesses correctly within 20 questions, they win.

    What is the paradox of asking questions? ›

    That, then, is the paradox of the question: Q cannot be consistently supposed to be one of the best questions to ask, but neither can it be supposed to not be one of the best questions.

    What are the powers of effective questioning? ›

    Questions can review, restate, emphasize, and/or summarize what is important. Questions stimulate discussion and creative and critical thinking, as well as determine how students are thinking. Questions help students retain material by putting into words otherwise unarticulated thoughts.

    What is asking too many questions a symptom of? ›

    There are many reasons why someone might ask too many questions. For example, the person might be very anxious and need to keep up conversation. Or the person may not have the social etiquette to know when questions begin to feel invasive rather than signaling genuine interest.

    What do you call a person who always ask questions? ›

    The straight up, direct answer to your question is “inquisitive”. An inquisitive person is one given to asking questions. There are other words to call such a person but they depend on their attitude and the feelings they elicit in others.

    Why you should never stop asking questions? ›

    I've discovered five benefits to asking questions, even when answers aren't delivered, neatly tied up with a big red ribbon:
    • Questions foster personal growth. ...
    • Questions spark creativity. ...
    • Questions make us more empathetic. ...
    • Questions keep us young. ...
    • Questions encourage humility.
    Feb 3, 2020

    Why are questions very important? ›

    Questions are useful tools, they open lines of communications; give us information; improve interactions, facilitate analysis and diagnostics of a situation; allow us to propose our own ideas; help to understand the priorities of others; stimulate motivation to learn; motivate creativity and more importantly scientific ...

    Why is a question better than a statement? ›

    Questions naturally require and spark thinking at deeper levels than just statements. For example, if I instructed you to develop a back-up plan for the business, even if you're technically proficient, you only see through your own eyes and your perspective is limited. It's based only on your interpretation.

    Why why is the most important question? ›

    Although suffering comes from the pursuit of why, from traversing the wasteland, beyond it lies far more than a mind could understand in a lifetime, and so it is in this discovery that 'why? ' becomes the single most powerful and important question someone could ask.

    Is philosophy more about questions than answers? ›

    PHILOSOPHY ADDRESSES FOUNDATIONAL QUESTIONS. These are questions the answers to which inform our basic understanding of one or another domain of inquiry, or some fundamental aspect of the world or ourselves or our relation to the world. Philosophical inquiry is therefore not restricted to any particular subject matter.

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