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  • The House of God Church is the oldest Holiness Movement in the United State founded in 1903 started by Bishop (Mother) Mary L. Tate.

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  • Welcome to our online hub for the Diocese of Downstate New York. Our Diocese serves the greater New York City area and is a vibrant diocese full of love. You ...

  • A Metropolitan Diocese serving Greater New York City 

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  • A ministry for young people 18 - 40 to empower, engage, and support the now generation. www.

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  • Enroll in The House of God's Servant Solutions Retirement Plan! Start investing with Servant Solutions to take advantage of ministry retirement benefits.

  • House of God Servant Solutions Retirement Enrollment Site

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  • Join us for the Annual General Assembly June 17-24, 2024 in Nashville, TN. Register Today! HOGConline.org. Maureen Rhodes and 38 others.

  • See posts, photos and more on Facebook.

7. The House of God Church - Join our Chief Overseer for a special ...

  • May 17, 2024 · Join our Chief Overseer for a special announcement 6:00 P.M. ET. Monday, May 20, 2024 HOGConline.org.

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  • 2022 Watch Night Join our Chief Overseer as he celebrates Jesus Christ and the coming year. Click here to watch: www.hogconline.org/watch .jpg. 2022 General ...



  • We are The House of God Church, Keith Dominion - Fklorida East Coast Dicoese, goveringing 19 churches within 3 districts. Our goal is to share the truth of the Word of God, through love and compassion of Jesus Christ.

10. (910) 743-2828 | Maysville, NC | House of God

  • P. O. Box 154. 252 Springhill Rd. Maysville, NC 28555. hogcbelgradenc@gmail.com · (910) 743-2828. International Church Site: www.hogconline.org · Privacy ...

  • Call (910) 743-2828 today to speak with a staff member at House of God in Maysville, NC.


  • Welcome to The House of God Church, Inc. - South Carolina! We are a vibrant and diverse community dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of ...



  • WWW.HOGCONLINE.ORG. National Headquarters. 2714 Scovel Street | Nashville, TN 37208. Info@hogconline.org. ABOUT US. The origin of The House of God, Which is ...

  • "Mother" Mary Magdalena Tate

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  • hogconline.org. 1 photo. Image 1 of Tate Manor House of God, Nashville. People also search for. Directions to Tate Manor House of God, Nashville · Tate Manor ...

  • Realtime driving directions to Tate Manor House of God, 2300 Heiman St, Nashville, based on live traffic updates and road conditions – from Waze fellow drivers

14. Online Services - Heart of God Church

  • What's church online? Heart of God Church's weekly online service includes worship, life stories and a practical message. All within 30 minutes! 30-minute ...

  • Catch our 30-minute online services on demand.

15. Bible Study | Maysville, NC | House of God

  • P. O. Box 154. 252 Springhill Rd. Maysville, NC 28555. hogcbelgradenc@gmail.com · (910) 743-2828. International Church Site: www.hogconline.org · Privacy ...

  • House of God in Maysville, NC, offers fellowship, leadership, Bible studies, and more. Call (910) 743-2828 today!

Hogconline (2024)


What denomination is House of God Church? ›

No matter how you ended up on this site we are glad you are here, and we appreciate the moment to tell you a little more about us. The House of God Church- Keith Dominion is an international Pentecostal denomination founded by Bishop (Mother) Mary Magdalena Lewis-Tate in 1903.

What do the House of God churches believe? ›

We believe there is only one Living and True God, maker of heaven and earth, and of all things visible and invisible; and in Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, in the beginning, and in the Holy Ghost, the Spirit of Truth which proceeds from the Father and Son, and is a gift to the believer: and these three ...

Which church is the only true church? ›

Latter Day Saint movement. In 1830, Joseph Smith established the Church of Christ in the belief that it was a restoration of original Christianity. In 1831 he declared it to be "the only true and living church upon the face of the whole earth".

What church does Sarah Jakes Roberts preach? ›

ONE | A Potter's House Church. We are a global movement led by Touré Roberts and Sarah Jakes Roberts. Whoever, wherever… ONE thing's for sure -- here, you are FAMILY.

Which church believes in God but not Jesus? ›

Unitarians maintain that Jesus was a great man and a prophet of God, perhaps even a supernatural being, but not God himself. They believe Jesus did not claim to be God and that his teachings did not suggest the existence of a triune God.

What does the Bible say about house church? ›

In Acts, houses quickly become the primary location for Christian gatherings (1:13; 2:2, 46; 12:12). Paul addressed at least 5 different house churches in Romans 16. Corinth had a few house churches, though on occasion they all gathered at the house of Gaius, who must have had a rather large home (Rom. 16:23).

What is the House Church concept? ›

A house church or home church is a label used to describe a group of Christians who regularly gather for worship in private homes. The group may be part of a larger Christian body, such as a parish, but some have been independent groups that see the house church as the primary form of Christian community.

What denomination is the House church? ›

Today's house churches may be rural or urban; charismatic, fundamentalist, or Reformed; non-denominational, Baptist, or Presbyterian. But they generally share a common connection to the independence of the early 20th century Chinese churches and their devotion to Christ.

What religion is a Church of God church? ›

The Church of God, International (CGI) is a nontrinitarian Christian denomination based in the United States, an offshoot of the Worldwide Church of God (WCG) founded by Herbert W. Armstrong.

What denomination is George Barna? ›

George Barna grew up a Catholic in New York City and Princeton, New Jersey but he has since engaged with evangelical Christianity.

Is Church of God considered Pentecostal? ›

Church Of God Is…

Founded in 1886, it is distinctively Pentecostal with a mission to finish the Great Commission. To learn more about the Church of God, its beliefs, doctrine, and commitments to godly living, click here.

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