The Enigma god roll and best perks in Destiny 2 (2024)

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Though Destiny 2 already had a large arsenal for players to choose from, The Witch Queen added another weapon archetype to the mix: the glaive, a weapon capable of stabbing enemies, shooting a projectile, and even creating a protective shield.

The Enigma is the first glaive players receive in the game, just after The Witch Queen‘s first mission, and it serves as a test run for both the crafting system and the weapon itself. Just because The Enigma is a starter weapon doesn’t mean you’ll dispose of it quickly, though. Glaives have plenty of versatility and will likely be a part of players’ loadouts for a long time. Their effectiveness does fall off somewhat in higher-level content, though, since being close to enemies can be deadly and other ranged weapons would do a better job at dealing damage.

Since The Enigma is a crafted weapon, players can swap their loadouts as they level up their glaive and pick up better perks. Some combinations are better than others, but a lot of the glaive comes down to preference. Here’s our god roll for The Enigma in PvE and the best perks you should aim for, based on our experience.

  • Barrel: Supercooled Accelerator
  • Magazine: Light Mag or Swap Mag
  • First perk: Impulse Amplifier or Grave Robber (Honorable mention: Subsistence)
  • Second perk: Kill Clip or Rampage (Honorable mentions: Unstoppable Force and Frenzy)

First perk column

The Enigma has plenty of options to choose from in the first perk column, and they’re all helpful. Some, like Tilting at Windmills, are circ*mstantial. Others, however, are perks that will be useful in most situations.

Impulse Amplifier

Two of The Enigma’s weaknesses are its slow projectile speed, which makes it harder or more cumbersome to hit targets, and its reload. Impulse Amplifier solves both of these in a single go. It’s easily one of the best perks for The Enigma, and the only reason it’s not the undisputed best in the god roll is because it’s going up against some heavy competition.

Grave Robber

For a melee-centric weapon, Grave Robber is about as good as it gets. This perk spares you from having to reload all that often because it will refill your magazine whenever you get a melee kill with it, making it an excellent choice.


Subsistence tackles The Enigma’s reload issues by delaying reloads as long as you keep getting kills with the weapon’s projectiles, which happens often. If you’re not that much for melee range with the glaive, this one may have more use than Grave Robber.

Feeding Frenzy, Threat Detector, Tilting at Windmills

Those are three strong choices for the glaive, and it feels odd not having Feeding Frenzy (one of the established go-to perks in Destiny 2) so far from the top. Though it’s still an excellent perk, Impulse Amplifier has the extra projectile speed and both Grave Robber and Subsistence reload automatically when executing core functions of the weapon.

Threat Detector is a solid choice for a weapon that gets this much usage of a melee attack, and it definitely can work in the glaive, but it’s also going up against Impulse Amplifier. Tilting at Windmills, on the other hand, can be useful in specific conditions, but Impulse Amplifier is useful all the time.

Second perk column

There’s some steady competition for this spot, but in the end, go with the classics if they fit your style. The Enigma has a rich perk pool that can work based on your style, and this glaive has all bases covered.

Kill Clip and Rampage

The Enigma can equip two of the most reliable damage-boosting perks in Destiny 2, and there’s really not much of a reason to change them. These will only apply to kills with the projectile portion of the weapon, though.

Unstoppable Force

Unstoppable Force is a solid perk that will benefit the most defensive players. While you can get some mileage out of pairing that and Tilting At Windmills, it won’t necessarily benefit all players. This perk definitely has potential, though, and if you’re more of a shield person than a stab person, by all means consider going for this.


Frenzy may not be the top choice, but it’s never an outright bad choice. In this case, it goes up against Rampage and Kill Clip, which are top performers.

Thresh and Unrelenting

With how much you’ll be shredding through mobs, Thresh may not be a bad idea. This perk can help keep up your Super, but if you’re in need of more firepower, then the other perk choices will give you more benefit.

Unrelenting can also be a good choice for The Enigma’s capacity to take down smaller enemies with melee and use Special ammo to destroy sturdier combatants. Add that to the shield, and you have some extra survivability if you need it. Much like Thresh, though, you should go with Kill Clip and Rampage for the extra firepower.

These two perks aren’t bad in The Enigma and they certainly have room in some builds and playstyles. Before you experiment with them, though, go with the other alternatives and you might not even change it back.

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The Enigma god roll and best perks in Destiny 2 (2024)
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